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Field facilities

SWIMS researchers are supported by the Field Work Support Team which provides both land vehicles and boats for access to remote field sites for research.

Sea transportation: SWIMS has a custom designed 6.5m offshore series 2400 kevlacet 2-hull with two 140 HP four-stroke outboards that can accommodate 6 divers or others in addition to the boatman. This boat is particularly useful for reaching distant locations which can only be accessed by sea. The institute also has a dinghy with outboard engine which is suitable for travel to nearby field sites.

Land transportation: The institute has a seven-seater van and a brand-new Hino, five-seater truck equipped with an open back area for transporting field equipment.

Diving facilities: The SWIMS diving room is a self-contained SCUBA facility. The room has a 2 cylinder Bauer compressor and complete sets of diving gear are maintained at all times for use by staff, students and visiting researchers.



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