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Specialised laboratory facilities

Multiple Oxygen Measurement Systems (Strath Kelvin Instruments) can be utilized for studying the physiological responses of marine organisms whether it be the real-time respiration of cells, mitochondria or whole aquatic organisms; photosynthesis of aquatic plants; and also allow monitoring dissolved oxygen in water or sediment samples in relation to environmental changes. In addition, it can be used to measure the oxygen content of blood or other solutions as well as oxygen carrying capacity of haemocyanin.

Leica Digital Microscope System consisting of a Leica digital cameras (DC 300 & DFC 280), a compound microscope (Leica DM LB2), a stereomicroscope (Leica MZ95) and a computer system for high quality image management.

Molecular Device SpectraMax M2e microplate reader: a monochromator-based microplate reader that has 6 to 384-well microplate reading capability as well as built-in absorbance and fluorescence cuvette ports. It can acquire absorbance and fluorescence data for samples. Dual monochromators allow selection of any absorbance wavelength between 200-1000nm, any excitation wavelength between 250-850nm, and any emission wavelength between 250-850nm for readings of both microplates and cuvettes. Applications include endpoint, kinetic, spectrum and multi-point well-scanning combining absorbance and fluorescence.

Molecular Device SpectraMax 340pc Spectrophotometer: a microplate reader which measures absorbance wavelengths between 300-800nm.

Mettler Toledo Halogen Moisture Analyzer: used for determining the moisture content of almost any substance. This instrument works on the thermogravimetric principle to determine the weight of the sample and its moisture content.

Wescor 5520 Vapor Pressure Osmometer: an advanced electronic adaptation of the hygrometric method of vapor pressure determination. It measures the dew point temperature depression of a specimen with resolution to 0.00031°C (equal to 1 mmol/kg).

SPEX SamplePrep Freezer/Mill: a cryogenic laboratory mill that cool samples to cryogenic temperatures, and pulverizes them by magnetically shuttling a steel impactor back and forth against two stationary end plugs.

Bio-Rad Gel Doc XR gel documentation system: uses a charge coupled device (CCD) camera to capture images in real time which allows you to more accurately position and focus the image.

Conviron Adaptis A350 Growth Chamber: provides controlled environments for the agricultural biotechnology research fields.

Sanyo Ultra Low -80°C Freezer : keeps samples at very low temperature for molecular and genetic research.


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