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SWIMS has two libraries, namely the SWIMS(HKU) Library and library of The Marine Biological Association of Hong Kong, MBAHK. The SWIMS library is essentially a branch of the main University Library containing specialist marine texts such as methods manuals and field guides to various marine taxa.

The MBAHK Library is located in the seminar room and consists of collections of marine journals and text books. The MBAHK was founded in 1982 with the aim of promoting research on understanding of and the conservation of marine habitats in Hong Kong. The MBAHK organizes regular seminars and publishes an annual international journal, Asian Marine Biology (AMB) reporting upon original marine biological research in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Many of the holdings in the MBAHK are a result of exchange of AMB with other marine journals worldwide.

SWIMS researchers are welcome to access any of the references and may contact Ms Sylvia Yiu for arrangement and future inquiries.


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