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SWIMS museum

At present, the museum has a collection of over 1,900 species collected from a number of international workshops on the marine fauna and flora of Hong Kong organized by Prof. Brian Morton from The University of Hong Kong between 1977-2001. The collection includes Phylum Annelida (250 species), Brachiopoda (2 species), Chordata (400 species), Cnidaria (178 species), Echinodermata (37 species), Echiura (3 species), Mollusca (578 species), Nemertea (1 species), Phycophyta including Chlorophyceae, Rhodophyceae and Phaeophyceae (50 species), Sipuncula (6 species), and Sub-phylum Crustacea (418 species).

To access the museum collection, visit the museum collection database. Applicants wishing to visit the museum to investigate the specimens have to complete a request form (SWIMS-MUS-01, downloadable from the SWIMS home page). This form should be sent to Ms. Sylvia Yiu. After approval, the Senior Technician, Ms Cecily Law, will arrange an appointment with the applicants. For specimen loan, applicants should complete the loan form (SWIMS-MUS-02, downloadable from the SWIMS home page) and submit this to Ms. Sylvia Yiu for approval. Specimens may be loaned for a period of 2 months.

New specimens to be lodged must be reviewed by an academic member of staff before entry into the museum. For input of new specimens, a form (SWIMS-MUS-02) needs to be completed by the identifier, which consists of taxonomic information of the species, special diagnostic features, location of collection, remarks and any references for its classification.


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