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Research opportunities

Foreign visitors:
The Swire Institute of Marine Science offers three main sources of funding to support visitors wanting to visit SWIMS to undertake research

The Laurence Caplin Scholarship in Marine Biology.
A trust fund was established in memory of Laurence Caplin by his widow, Mrs E. Caplin and daughter, Mrs J. Woodward. The interest from this sum can be used to bring to SWIMS young people to undertake research in marine biology with a resident staff member.

The Intertidal Trust Fund.
Etsablished in 1982 with profits from the sale of the book "The seashore ecology of Hong Kong" grants from the Intertidal Trust Fund can be made to overseas students and scientists who wish to undertake research on intertidal ecology at SWIMS.

Cape d'Aguilar Trust Fund.
Established in 1995 with profits from the sale of the book "An Introduction to the Cape d'Aguilar Marine Reserve, Hong Kong", grants from the Cape d'Aguilar Trust Fund can be made to local and overseas students and scientist who wish to undertake marine biological research on the Cape d'Aguilar Marine Reserve at SWIMS.

SWIMS is also a founding member of the Pacific Institutes of Marine Science.

For further enquiry, please contact the Hon. Director, Prof Gray Williams.

Undergraduate students who take the course "Coastal Ecology" offered by the Division of Ecology & Biodiversity (DEB) may have an opportunity to conduct group projects which involve fieldwork and laboratory works at SWIMS. Final year undergraduate students who are interested in marine biological and/or ecological research can apply for the Ecology & Biodiversity Projects so as to conduct research at SWIMS.
First and second year undergraduates are also encouraged to apply to work as volunteer student research assistants during the semester break/summer holidays to help SWIMS postgraduates and academic staff in their research work. This is a great opportunity for students to gain research experience and learn various skills. For further enquiry, please contact Ms Sylvia Yiu.

Students who are interested in undertaking a research postgraduate degree (MPhil or Ph.D) in marine biology and ecology should directly contact SWIMS academic staff for more information regarding individual projects. Application for postgraduate studies should follow the regulations offered by the Graduate School at HKU.

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