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SWIMS staff

  Research interest
Prof. Gray A. Williams Intertidal ecology
Academic Staff  
Prof. Kenneth M.Y. Leung Ecophysiology and aquatic toxicology
Dr. Leszek Karczmarski Marine Mammal Ecology
Dr. V. Thiyagarajan Environmental Proteomics; Larval biology & ecology; Larval biomineralisation response to ocean acidification
Prof. Yvonne Sadovy Biology of coral reef fishes
Dr. J.D. Gu Environmental toxicology and bioremediation
Dr. Moriaki Yasuhara climatic and anthropogenic impacts on deep-sea and shallow-marine ecosystems and biodiversity using paleoecological methods
Dr. David Baker coral biogeochemistry; pollution, symbiosis and historical ecology
Post Doctoral Research Fellows  
Dr. Ramadoss Dineshram Studying the effects of multiple climate change stressors on marine invertebrate larval settlement using proteomics approach
Dr. Nicolas Duprey Studying geochemistry of long-lived marine organisms to understand the influence of anthropogenic activities
Dr. Terence P.T. Ng Behavioural ecology and sexual selection of marine gastropods

Ms Sylvia Yiu

Technical staff:
Ms Cecily Law (Senior Laboratory Technician)
Mr Patrick Chan (Leading Artisan)
Mr Simon Wong (Artisan/Caretaker)
Ms K.P. Chan (Cleaner/Caretaker)
Mr Ming Cheung (Boatman)
Mr Ming Hong Cheung (Laboratory Assistant)

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