International Conferences and Workshops

Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Workshop on Challenges in Sustainable Coastal Observation and Experiments in a Rapidly Changing Environment 
China and the Sea: Maritime Economy and the Challenge of Sea and Ocean Sustainability 
Measuring O2 Concentrations in Invertebrate Body Fluids: A Practical Workshop
Microbiomes of Terrestrial Crabs: Microbial Culturomics Assay and Prediction of Metabolic Potential from 16Ss and Shotgun Metagenomic Data 
The 2nd International Workshop on Eco-shoreline Designs for Sustainable Coastal Development 
Sampling Methodologies and Physiological Energetics of Larvae from Mangrove Microhabitats 
Global Challenges in Food, Nutrition & Environment Symposium
Workshop in Computational Behavioural Ecology 
Coral Restoration Workshop and Public Lecture 
The 10th UCAS Postgraduate Symposium: The Blue Planet: What Are We Doing and What’s To Be Done?