Grant from Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund

March 09th 2020

Oysters research group at SWIMS has secured over 5.3 Million HKD for three years from Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund (SFDF), Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) of HKSAR. Using this grant and the project, SWIMS’s researchers (lead by Dr Rajan), in close collaboration with local oyster growers and local oyster aquaculture industries (such as “Lee Kum Kee” Ltd.), are aiming to 1) Develop a hatchery technology for suppling oyster seeds to meet local demand, 2) Use oyster hatchery as a model to create eco-entrepreneurship opportunities, 3) Show how modern aquaculture technology, i.e. hatchery and single-oyster cultivation in baskets, could improve the income of oyster aquaculture business, and 4) encage AFCD, oyster industry, oyster eaters and local growers to promote local production in a sustainable manner. Congratulations to the team.

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