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Falcon students from Variety HK, learn about the problems of marine plastics at SWIMS

SWIMS was proud to host students and mentors from Variety's Falcon group on 19 August, and provide hands on, experiential learning about the problems of marine debris and microplastics facing the world's oceans and how marine plastic pollution is a persistent issue on Hong Kong's beaches and coastal habitats. This visit will offer Falcon group participants a foundation for their projects where, with the supervision of Variety mentors, will take on and try to solve problems related to current environmental challenges.

"The Falcon Program is designed to help young people aged 16 to 21 dream big, and develop the soft skills they need to make those dreams a reality by providing personal and career development support for young adults with high-impact mentoring at its core." - Variety Falcon Program

After a short seminar, students were tasked with sampling marine debris from Cape d'Aguilar's rocky beaches, Lap Sap Wan and Telecom Bay. With the goal of categorizing which classes of plastic and polyurethane were most prevalent, the group collected over 20kg of plastic from those beaches.

Back at the SWIMS Coastal Outreach Hub, the group sorted through the rubbish. "There were a surprising amount of cigarette lighters and storage container shards!"

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