HKU ecologists and international team discovered ongoing and future tropical diversity decline

How can patterns in the marine biodiversity of the past help us to understand how it may change in the future? A recent research by Drs Moriaki Yasuhara and Timothy C Bonebrake (School of Biological Sciences and Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong) and numerous international collaborators finds that the tropical diversity decline now seen in the ocean is not purely human induced, but nonetheless will worsen considerably if we do not limit anthropogenic climate warming.

如何鑒往知來,預測熱帶海洋生物多樣性的未來?香港大學生物科學學院及太古海洋科學研究所副教授安原盛明博士、Timothy Bonebrake博士,以及其國際團隊近日的研究發現,熱帶海洋生物多樣性局部下降的趨勢,可能不單單來自人類活動。儘管如此,人類若不能有效控制二氧化碳的排放量,全球暖化將會加劇熱帶海洋生物多樣性的喪失。