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International Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 at SWIMS

Every third Saturday in September marks International Coastal Cleanup Day. This global initiative encourages people to get out and cleanup rubbish from their local beaches and spread awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution that plagues the world’s oceans. This year, SWIMS hosted more than fifty members and guests from Hong Kong’s European Union consulate groups. In addition to talks and SWIMS facilities tours, participants conducted a beach cleanup at nearby Lap Sap Wan.

The event also initiated a new SWIMS project, ‘Cleanup Time’ which Christelle Not, in collaboration with Ocean 3C and Time Auction, leads. Cleanup Time’s goal is to further enrich beach cleaning experiences by allowing participants to collect scientific data about the rubbish collected, such as the different categories and amounts of plastics.

Cleanup Time makes it easy and motivating to act for the ocean through beach cleaning activities, by giving visibility to the volunteers, showcasing the impact of their action, and offering them rewards in return.

More information about Cleanup Time can be found here.

SWIMS wishes everyone in Hong Kong a successful Coastal Cleanup Day 2022!

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