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SWIMS aired on RTHK!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

SWIMS is on TV! 大自然生態人3, an 8-episode TV series produced by RTHK uncovers the important, yet little-known work of ecologists in Hong Kong.

In episode 5, Prof. Gray Williams and his team shared us their study of intertidal organisms and how they adapt to the harsh weather of Hong Kong. They explained why studying the Thermal Ecology of those organisms can aid our understanding of effect of climate change. The team also carried out a baseline ecological survey for the intertidal environments of Hong Kong. Watch it here:

Photo credit: RTHK

Photo credit: RTHK

Dr. Juan Diego Gaitan-Espitia and his team are featured in episode 6 to introduce their study on seagrass. They have been collecting data from seagrass beds in Hong Kong which will help us better understand this ecologically important group of plants. Using genetic study methods, the team also aims to investigate the microbiome community of seagrass beds in the hope of restoring a healthy population in the long run. Watch it here:

Photo credit: RTHK

Photo credit: RTHK

Coming this Saturday, Dr. Moriyaki Yasuhara and his team will be featured in episode 7. Stay tuned!

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