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SWIMS Co-hosts the Colloquium on Environmental Sustainability Education

Invited international speakers, members from HKU’s Faculty of Education, and SWIMS Outreach staff met to share research into some of the best practices for Environmental Sustainability Education (ESEd). Invited keynote and plenary speakers, Emeritus Professor Peter Renshaw (School of Education, The University of Queensland), and Suzanne Pratt (Co-Director, Teaching Residents at Teachers College, Columbia University), respectively, spoke about excellent examples of pedagogies in ESEd and how citizen science can be used for experiential learning.

After additional lectures and talks at HKU, visiting participants (both local and international) travelled to SWIMS for a facility tour by Director, Professor Gray Williams and additional talks from SWIMS outreach staff who shared ongoing works such as the development of the Swire Coastal Outreach Hub (SCOH) and experiential marine science modules for local and international students.

SWIMS’ outreach activities are all about sharing our science to save our seas where students learn directly from the scientists. As more and more students visit SWIMS to receive the messages of how important our local biodiversity is to the functioning of our marine ecosystems and the cruciality of sustainability, we continue to collaborate with education experts and teachers to maximize the effectiveness of science communication.

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