Prof. Gray A Williams
Director, Professor

Intertidal ecology, herbivore-autotroph interactions, behaviour and ecophysiology of intertidal species, especially molluscs.

 KBSB Room 5S15         (852) 2299 0604          Website


Prof. Kenneth M. Y. Leung, JP

Aquatic toxicology and ecophysiology, ecological risk assessment and quantitative ecology.

KBSB Room 3N19        (852) 2299 0607       Website


Prof. Yvonne Sadovy

Ichthyology, fisheries management and conservation of reef fishes, reproductive biology of fishes especially in respect of hermaphroditism.

KBSB Room 3S01       (852) 2299 0603       Website


Dr. David M. Baker
Associate Professor

Coral Reef Ecology, Stable Isotope Ecology, Evolution & Extinction of Symbiosis, Global Change, Marine Pollution, Conservation Forensics.

KBSB Room 6S14       (852) 2299 0606       Website


Dr. Stefano Cannicci
Associate Professor

Mangrove ecology and conservation, crabs-trees interactions in mangrove systems, behavioural ecology of intertidal crabs, evolutionary biology of intertidal and terrestrial crabs.

KBSB Room 2S04       (852) 2299 0673       Website


Dr. Juan D. Gaitan-Espitia
Assistant Professor

Evolutionary ecology, Eco-physiology, Functional and comparative genomics, Quantitative genetics, Climate change biology

KBSB Room 5N11      (852) 2299 0637       Website


Dr. Christelle Not
Assistant Professor

Climate, Marine geochemical cycles, Paleoceanography, Plastic pollution, Microplastics, Radiogenic isotopes, Element traces, Chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry and paleoceanography, in order to understand the impact of human on the marine environment and climate.

1) Pollution in coastal marine environment and particularly on the importance and dynamics of plastic pollution;

2) Climate variability using paleo environmental reconstruction with a focus on the high latitudes.

HOC 306              (852) 3917 7831       Website


Dr. Bayden Russell
Associate Professor

Marine Ecology (particularly subtidal), Climate Change and Nutrient Pollution impacts in marine ecosystems, herbivore and algal ecophysiology, Ecosystem Phase-shifts, Sustainable Aquaculture Production.

KBSB Room 2S05    (852) 2299 0680       Website


Dr. Celia Schunter
Assistant Professor

Ecological genomics, transcriptomics & epigenomics of adaptation, response to environmental change, transgenerational inheritance, and environmental effects on behaviour and the brain in marine organisms.

KBSB Room 2N11        (852) 2299 0304         Website


Dr. Benoit Thibodeau
Research Assistant Professor

Stable Isotopes and Biogeochemical cycles.                                                                        

HOC331                (852) 3917 7835       Website


Dr. V. Thiyagarajan
Associate Professor

Ocean acidification; Environmental proteomics; Biofouling: Larval Biology; Oyster Fishery and Aquaculture; and Ecological and economic consequences of larval exposure to environmental stressors.

KBSB Room 2S03       (852) 2299 0601                Website


Dr. Moriaki Yashuhara
Associate Professor

Paleoecology and macroecology, biodiversity patterns, climatic impacts, deep-sea biology, human-induced ecosystem degradation.

KBSB Room 3S12       (852) 2299 0317                Website


Dr. Sean Crowe
Associate Professor

JL 404                        (852) 2241 5484       Website


Dr.Jed Kaplan
Associate Professor

HOC 330                  (852) 3917 1456       Website


Dr. Nicole Khan
Assistant Professor

Sea-level and paleoenvironmental change, Drivers of coastal subsidence, Coastal wetlands

HOC 328                  (852) 3917 1454       Website


Dr. Philip Yong-Xin Li
Assistant Professor

Natural Products, Microbiome, Big data genome mining, Synthetic biology, Biosynthesis.

 HOC 107          (852) 3910 2196          Website

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