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Marine Biodiversity Exploration

Experience Science at SWIMS

The Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS) has been focusing on coastal research for more than 30 years and to further promote marine science education, SWIMS is now accepting visits by appointment from secondary schools and organization interested to participate in our programs.

Through participating in experiential activities modelled after the SWIMS research projects, participants can learn how to explore and understand our coastal environment from a researcher's perspective.


For secondary school students, we have marine science-themed experiential activities covering a variety of topics including biodiversity, conservation, ecology, pollution, and water quality. We will work with teachers to fulfil and supplement curriculum activities as well.

Marine Biodiversity Exploration

OUTREACH_Lab_sessionwith Morgan_Stanley2.jpg

A field trip to SWIMS will supplement curricula in conservation, biodiversity, adaptation to environments, ecological niches, climate change and more!


Biodiversity is the heart of a functioning ecosystem. Learn about how diverse Hong Kong’s marine ecosystems are and become an expert on some of the common and cryptic species that live just beyond the shore. Our staff will lead students to retrieve Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS), identify marine species, collect ecological data, and learn about how biodiversity drives ecosystem function.

Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure (ARMS) act as modular biodiversity samplers, attracting marine plants and animals that live in these environments. 

Become an
Intertidal Ecology Surveyor 

Explore the edge of Hong Kong's only marine reserve and observe the vibrant intertidal zone. How do species adapt to this rapidly changing habitat while avoiding predators and looking for food?


Learn to identify the algae, crabs, molluscs, and more! SWIMS scientists will guide you on collecting scientific, ecological data. Compare the living, rocky shore communities with trends from different seasons and in previous years.

Only available upon reservation.

Marine Debris
Cleanup mission 

Clean up a beach, both for karma, and for science!


Participate in beach cleaning, but with a scientific mission. Learn about which types of plastics are washing up more frequently than others, and where those items are coming from. Collect data with SWIMS scientists that will contribute to an international effort to understand the origins, movement, and breakdown of plastics in our ocean.

Only available upon reservation.

Facilities Tour

Take a tour of the institute's facilities and get a glimpse of science in action. Participants will enter the heart of the institute: the aquarium room and laboratory to learn how SWIMS equipment supports a variety of experiments and research.

Only available upon reservation.

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