The Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS) is a research facility of The University of Hong Kong, situated on the Cape d'Aguilar peninsula, on the shores of Hong Kong's only Marine Reserve. SWIMS aims to do the following:

Develop an internationally acclaimed research centre focusing on marine science in SE Asia and the NW Pacific

Generate a research culture to train young scientists to an international standard who can play a role in the management and conservation of marine resources in the region

Provide an interdisciplinary research environment to initiate novel research ideas and applications

Foster research and education links and collaborations with other marine facilities in the SE Asian and global scientific

To achieve these goals, our research focuses on
shallow water marine ecosystems. Specifically:


To determine the responses of marine organisms to environmental conditions and the impacts of climate change.


To achieve science-based management and conservation of fisheries and marine resources and ecosystems in a sustainable manner.


To ascertain the environmental impacts of multiple stressors; from ecosystem/community to cellular and genomic responses of ecologically important and commercial species.

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