Whilst there are a great variety of interests represented at SWIMS, as an overall focus SWIMS seeks to investigate the responses of marine ecosystems to multiple stressors: Predicting the seas of the future.  

Value Proposition

Recognizing Hong Kong’s unique location as a world city on the south coast of China, and intimate relationship with its coastal environment, SWIMS focuses on understanding the threats to coastal ecosystems associated with an exceptionally dense human population living in close proximity to the sea.


We believe that todays’ Hong Kong provides a crystal ball to what many of the world’s coastal cities will become, and from which we may be able to predict what the coastal seas of the future may look like. A core goal of SWIMS research is to identify possible solutions to the negative effects of the stressors Hong Kong faces and we believe our work can inform other cities around the world to aid their sustainable development and coastal management.


Within this functional structure, SWIMS has three key research themes to understand and tackle the impacts of multiple stressors on coastal ecosystems.  We believe that by identifying the appropriate key stressors to coastal ecosystems, and studying their impacts and underlying mechanisms, we can start to devise solutions to these problems which can be used to inform conservation and management.

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